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An RFID reader system consists of an antenna connected to the proper "reader", i.e. hardware and software to process the signal received from the antenna, and then to the computer. A simple way to test RFID blocking would be to find the frequency used by your RFID tag, buy an appropriate RFID reader and antenna, put one card at a time into your wallet, ...


The most-authoritative reference on EMV replay (i.e., transaction cloning) is Peter Fillmore's latest talk from Syscan 2015 Another great resource is Ricardo Rodriguez's talk from Rooted 2015 ...


It depends on the card technology in use. If it uses "dumb" cards/tags that merely broadcast a block of data when powered on then all it takes to defeat it is to read that data block from a legitimate card and then simulate a card transmitting that data block. If the cards in use employ crypto such as Mifare DESFire (or HID cards though I have no experience ...


Bruteforcing a RFID reader is possible in theory. For my school project, I did a RFID emulator that can clone the card and then emulate it. I am sure if you program the microcontroller instead of emulating the card it read, is to emulate all combinations from that range of numbers which represent the card id

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