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You need the private key of a CA certificate if you want to sign another certificate. This is the case with SSL interception proxies like various Antivirus products provide and also the infamous Superfish ad-injecting software. The main problem is if the private key is easily retrievable by an attacker so it can be used (together with the certificate) ...


As per this page: In some cases, you may want to export a certificate with its private key to store on removable media or to use on a different computer. In regards to Dell, I'd say they did this by accident.


Mobile malware is after the same thing as regular malware it's just on a different platform. We use our phones to do everything from email, banking, social media, etc. Security tokens are stored in these devices for all kinds of different applications, and possibly web-sites. The average user doesn't take mobile security seriously. Try 3333 or 6666 on a ...

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