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Tor is best known for providing anonymity to the users communication. Every time tor uses different routes to forward the data to destination to maintain anonymity. If it is not doing so then same path can be traced to intercept the communication. I think this is the best method to anonymize the communication.


I would assume this is to suppress the amount of intersection attacks(Nodes periodically fail or leave the network; any chain that remains functioning cannot have been routed through either the nodes that left or the nodes that recently joined the network) before/between/after the gaurd, relay and exit nodes. Since if you are able to intersect one and it ...


You are unable to see the rest of the network now because you have connected a router between and you are now basically on a 'separate' network --- check the IP addresses --- if they are not all in the same CLASS then you are on different networks and cannot see everything, although, technically everything is connected together. Secondly, a mac address is ...

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