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Also search for "wargames" if you want to learn how to exploit vulnerabilities. Here is an example: http://smashthestack.org


As you have stated that you need some online labs for Penetration Testing and learning Hacking.Here is a really exhaustive list of vulnerable VMs, Web Apps etc.You can use these VM's and easily learn the Penetration Testing. http://www.amanhardikar.com/mindmaps/Practice.html But as these list is too exhaustive ,i would advice you to go with OWASP BWA. ...


There are a few different kind of labs available. There are ones you can construct yourself in VM's such as Vulnhub and they have a lot of links to good resources there. Another site i can recommend with good resources is Pentesterlab, i tend to steer clear of the online sites such as hackme so can't give much as to online but hope these help.


https://microcorruption.com/ is a very interesting hack challenge. Try googling for "hack challenge", there's plenty of other websites around. If you want to do your own stuff (e.g. set up a vulnerable host or machine) you can either use a VM (free windows VMs available from microsoft at http://modern.ie) or get a free EC2 instance from amazon.

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