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This is most likely a botnet trying the "doors" as Bob has suggested. From time-to-time, vulnerabilities appear in standard software that allows attackers access via supposedly innocuous entry points. If you don't already have it installed, I would recommend something like fail2ban which will automatically ban source IP's that make attempts to get to ...


If any of the pages you've archived on your server contain malicious code targeting webkit vulnerabilities (remember, wkhtmltopdf runs on webkit), it's theoretically possible this will result in a security breach on your server upon running the page through wkhtmltopdf. The implication here being that malicious code that would normally target your users' ...


So basically, the server will generate a key-pair for each user that signs up. It will give the user the private key, and keep the public key to encrypt anything that it receives for the user. When information is sent to the server (in plaintext) for the user to obtain, the server will encrypt the data with the public key, and when the information is ...


Here are a few tips on setting up challenges and organizing things that you might find useful: https://github.com/pwning/docs/blob/master/suggestions-for-running-a-ctf.markdown


Its possible to use tcpdump to read localhost-localhost traffic so I would also consider other programs running locally as posibly capable of intercepting the traffic your going to encript.

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