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I will keep my members password in database with SHA-512 hash. I will use SALT for password. So i will keep SALT keys in database for each member. Is it safe and ok to implement that way? Yes, if you are using salt (which you should) then you should store the salt (in the clear) alongside the hash. Should i keep IV (Initialization Vector) in the ...


If we assume that a hash is calculated based on the drive contents, and that we trusted the drive contents to be authentic at the time of hashing, then what you're worried about is some manner of hash collision (where two different pieces of data produce the same hash). Currently, SHA-1 attacks are only theoretical, but there's a potential they could become ...


As a user/client, you can revoke a certificate only if it contains the same subject name as the certificate presented for authentication. You can do that using the revocation form provided in the end-entities page. Otherwise only if you are a CA administrator or a Certificate Manager you can do it by yourself. Implement Role-Based Administration: CA ...


Certificates can't be changed after they are created, but you can always create/request another. Talk to the company that created your certificate (e.g GoDaddy) and says you want them to revoke your old certificate and issue a new one they will probably create another with SHA2 by default.


They r feasibly safe in the sense that in order to compute 2^160 hash computations which r technologically infeasible. And you don't need to worry of downloading an .iso of windows while u can create an .iso from install.esd files from some1's Genuine windows copy(if u r little bit paranoid).


For a malicious attacker who tries to alter an ISO file while keeping its hash value identical to the hash value of the "genuine" file, the problem is known as a second preimage attack. No such attack is known for SHA-1 right now; if somebody wanted to compute such a second preimage, he would have to pay a cost of about 2160 hash function computations, which ...

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