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Is it unsafe to restore backed up data from Google servers? Not generally. Like Matthew said in his comment, the restore process will not restore the vulnerable versions of previous applications unless the application is still vulnerable. What Google does is simply store a list of applications you used. You will then have to re-download them, and most ...


Yes they can because they can read any datastream they capture. They cannot necessarily decrypt it. So the agent with the IMSI catcher knows that there is an encrypted communication, but he cannot get the plain text (in general).


I believe that you are asking if a side-channel can be used to extract information from encrypted communications without breaking the encryption. Specifically, can detecting the number of ongoing communication channels provide you with information? The answer is absolutely. Note that I don't know how UK police radios work or whether what you propose is ...


BBM messages are encrypted with 3DES, but based on this CSE page the key, at least in 2011, was common to all Blackberry devices meaning a device could potentially decrypt a message not destined for it if the device can spoof it's identify. Apparently Blackberry even mentions that [you should] "consider PIN messages as scrambled, not encrypted". The ...


SMS and call logs use the cell network's messaging channels to send traffic. That uses the IMEI to address where the messages should go. That's why a cloned IMEI can receive duplicates. Internet traffic uses the data channel and leverages TCP/IP. This cannot be cloned with just the IMEI.

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