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If you sniff on the exit node and the connection is not https/hidden service, then you will have the traffic in clear but you will not be able to know from who it came. Unless the traffic itself is revealing the identity. In other cases, as far as we know, you can't decrypt tor. As other said, tor will be useless if it was possible.


There is a possibility that Promiscuous mode can be detected by another device on the network! You can/must configure your sniffer tool/software so that it doesn't allows to detect if you are in promiscuous mode. For that you have to configure your sniffer tool so that your machine doesn't reply to the packets/requests that are usually used to detect the ...


I am certainly no expert on NTP, so I can't give you a full answer, but: delorean expects you to specify an interface via its IP address, as opposed to the name that is displayed in ifconfig. This was what kept me busy for a couple of hours when I tried the tool ;) Maybe you are having the same issue?


Is it must for a packet sniffer to enable promiscuous mode?Can packets be sniffed without the NIC being in promiscuous mode? No it is not a must and sniffing can be done in non-promiscuous too. Also when in promiscuous mode the NIC accepts all packets which are not addressed to it's MAC address.Does it also mean that it responds to all ...


Promiscuous mode is a passive state so it cannot be detected by the network on its own. Of course once you start doing your "hacking" actively, the network may detect you but that wouldn't be detection of promiscuous but rather a rogue node. Why? In passive mode the NIC just doesn't drop the packets that would come to it anyway. The dropping is silent so in ...


Simply put, if not in promiscuous mode, NIC will drop any L2 traffic that is not intended for it. Any and all traffic that is neither directly addressed to the NIC nor a {broad,multi}cast will be dropped before it reaches the OS assuming the NIC behaves normally.

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