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You cannot open a remote file with GPG through FTP. Instead you would need to download the file to the local system and open it there. Because of this the decryption will be done only locally (and will be independent from that way the file arrived on the local system) and thus password for the file will thus stay local too.


With new versions of wireshark: Make sure the traffic is decoded as SSL, i.e. setup the SSL analyzer for this TCP stream in Analyze >> Decode As. Now it will show the SSL details for the packets. Pick the packet which contains the certificate, in this case packet 6. In the packet details expand Secure Socket Layer etc until you get to the certificate ...


You can not stop user from intercepting the traffic that your application generates. There're following alternatives that you can do for making your application works correctly :- 1) User Secured Connection(SSL/TLS). Although users on the same network will be able to view the network traffic generated, but they'll not able to figure out any meaning out ...


I have a similar set-up, a whitelisted linux ftp server, receiving an encrypted file in the clear, and have asked similar questions. For one, I have it set up as anonymous, since what is the point of a login in the clear? Second, it is whitelisted, so the only theoretical vulnerability is IP spoofing. I read up on IP spoofing specifically in regard to ftp, ...

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