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I cannot answer for others but in my own personal experience as an admin I have seen mixed results. When I created a security policy for a company a few years ago, which included basic password rules-- I ran into a few very angry people who wanted their password to be 'password' or 'password1' or their last name and sent me emails for a couple of weeks or ...


I don't have any documented examples or statistics, but I can say that while difficult and expensive, it is certainly possible to educate users. It's easy enough to have security awareness training and whatnot, but the real problem lies in enforcing the policies and auditing their effectiveness. The most successful compromise controls are technical because ...


While it is within the realm of possibility that it was some sort of setup it is extremely unlikely, it's much more likely to be exactly as it appears to be. You offered to show the officer something which could help with an investigation, and he took you up on it. Your neighbor would have little to gain from trying to game the officer. As per your ...


DDN stands for Direct Dial Number.

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