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Given the high number of address harvesters and their varied effectiveness, there is an extremely gradual continuum between thwarting spam, usability, and developing yet another way to obfuscate. Plenty of harvesters get plenty of emails without having to try very hard, so there's not as massive of an incentive to defeat possible obfuscation as there is ...


Some spam bots, yes. All spam bots, no.


The easiest way would be to foward the mail to an online scanning service. You can submit files to virustotal by forwarding the email to scan@virustotal.com You will have to change the subject field to "SCAN". When it is done, you should receive a mail with the results. Email submissions is not prioritized, so it might take some time for the results to come ...


First, some background information about how email works. The basic issue is that server-to-server contacts using SMTP are unauthenticated: all a server knows about the computer contacting it is The IP address Who the computer wants to send the email to Who the computer claims they are Who the computer claims the email is from Note that the last two ...

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