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See this answer for some musings about the definitions of such terms, and, in particular, how fuzzy and mostly irrelevant they are. If we really want to make distinctions, then: A spyware is some software which spies on the user. A trojan is some malicious software which gets installed by the victim himself, who was deceived into thinking that the ...


"Absolute persistence technology is built into the BIOS or firmware of a device during the manufacturing process." So, in addition to removing the agent, you will need to flash the BIOS or firmware of the device, with a version without the technology. Since "core boot is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) found in ...


There is a way to do this via Google's Native Client. However, executables have to be compiled for this environment explicitely. It is difficult to achieve otherwise (i.e. without a sandbox). DEP can't do this for you, as it only prevents memory segments without the executable flag from being executed. Just think of reading the CPUID, which is a simple ...


Hardware enforced DEP may be able to prevent, unsure about returning false values

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