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The z3 has no user accessible recovery or fastboot. Without an unlocked boot loader, these commands will not work. You must use the official tools to access these features. So no, there is no spyware, just a lack of information about your phone.


I haven't got a SEZ3 but I suggest that you try these actions Check the same on someones phone to confirm if this issue is with your phone only (it will help if they have same firmware version etc) this Post shows 3 methods for How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Sony Xperia Z3 Unlock your Bootloader - Sony Official method or Bootloader Unlock/Relock/Flash ...


Hardware trackers are hard to come by due to the limited space inside laptops.However software solutions have always been around.the problem with software trackers is that once the laptop has been formated it is very hard to retrieve it. Thus hardware would be the best solution as the component is embedded within.after a lot of internet searching for a ...

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