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This sounds different from what I've heard about previously. My understanding of a typical microservice architecture is that you'd have a variety of fine-grained microservices, composited together into one or more coarse-grained applications. In that view, you would probably have a single E-Commerce Web App, which utilizes a variety of microservices in the ...


Ideally you should not. If they have successfully authenticated through another means, don't impose further burdens on them. You can see that this method is used by the Stack Exchange network (for example) - after you have authenticated through Google, you don't have to create a password.


The only reason I can think of for which this procedure can make sense is to prevent someone who has physical access to your computer/smartphone from logging in the site. Given that the Facebook session is usually opened for most users, anyone with access to the computer/smartphone of these users could get access to the site, impersonating them. If you ...

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