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The term you are looking for is defense in depth. It's a term that describes security defences structured so to be layered around what you want to protect; this includes not only security of all ISO/OSI layers but also e.g. physical security: server room with locked doors security badges to access the building security guards inside and outside the ...


Im not aware of a standard framework that is sanctioned by a central governing body and universally accepted by the infosec community. Most models are mapped 1:1 with the OSI model, which kinda makes sense. Perhaps we need a few sub layers in there to cover the breadth and depth of different attack vectors. The human attack vector for example doesn't ...


I'm not aware of one from the information security field (though there are terms like Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability and such) but there is the OSI model. That's a pretty universally known model.

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