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If you sniff on the exit node and the connection is not https/hidden service, then you will have the traffic in clear but you will not be able to know from who it came. Unless the traffic itself is revealing the identity. In other cases, as far as we know, you can't decrypt tor. As other said, tor will be useless if it was possible.


One resource I like specifically for journalists is EFF Surveillance Self-Defence (https://ssd.eff.org/en/playlist/journalist-move) Their resources come in parts, simplified it looks like this: Threat modelling. - Who is likely to be interested in monitoring your or uncovering your identity. How to communicate with others. - Voice, e-mail, Text Messages, ...


(PS: This post is just a general discussion. I am in no ways enticing anyone to commit any crime!) In order to be anonymous you really have to consider other things too, other than just using some tools while browsing the internet. Tor or VPN might help you to anonymize your identity online but have you considered being anonymous in your real(Offline) life. ...


Anyone looking at your internet activity can tell if/when you are using Tor: ISP, employer, etc. You can block them from seeing that you are using Tor by turning on your VPN first then connecting to Tor.


I'm assuming that you're not running a relay yourself, which would of course explain multiple connections. According to the Tor FAQ, Tor will reuse a same entry node for TCP connections for a duration of 10 minutes, and will then switch to a new entry point. This avoids profiling all of your Internet traffic via a specific entry point (which could help ...


The answer is, of course, that it's possible. There are four major ways that can happen. 1) The binaries you downloaded include a vulnerability and weren't built with the signed source code. Answer: Perform your own deterministic build based on the instructions provided at blog.torproject.org, which states "We achieve our build security through a ...


Nowadays compilers will generate different binary each time: BuildID will be different compiling time (present in some types of binaries) will be different So don't ever expect getting identical files from identical code. Apart from this, TOR is a very specific software, that is pain-in-the-ass for many governments, 3-letter agencies and everyone ...

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