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Your trust store should contain the certificates you trust. If you trust only a single intermediate CA, and not its root, you should include the intermediate CA's certificate and not the root's. Once a chain of trust can be built to a certificate in your trust store, it doesn't matter if that certificate was issued by another CA or not.


Any time you provide information to any service provider there is an inherent level of trust involved. The best way to get the information you're looking for is by asking for it, but you have to hope and trust that they're telling you the truth and that security is actively addressed and measures are maintained. Ask the service provider for information on ...


it is never said how well this information will be stored and secured It's untrue that you are not told about data protection promises from the provider (see privacy policy). Also, use/reuse of data is described (often in a fuzzy way) in the Terms & Conditions that we approve so quickly. Technical implementation of the security/storage systems (...

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