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Signing will be done by the key only, so as long the key is not changed all signatures done by this certificate are still valid. But, when building the trust chain for a certificate it will look at the certificates issuer field and then search for a certificate having this issuer as the subject. Only after it found a certificate (or multiple) having this ...


So, how does an Intermmediate CA change one field, without having to reissue every single cert? It does a cross signature with it's old key (--placeholder -- would love to see a great answer on how cross signing works, or I'lll plainly and clearly ask that)


Because domain-validated certificates may scare Comodo Dragon users. Consider these five tiers of HTTP security (not an official list): No TLS (http:) TLS with a certificate that is self-signed or from an otherwise unknown issuer TLS with domain-validated certificate from a known issuer (organization not part of certificate) TLS with ...

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