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The detection of such type of tunnels is little bit difficult since they are using well known protocol which is generally allowed through the firewalls. Detection of such type of tunnels requires machine learning techniques but there is a chance of getting FPs. Tool Fingerprinting: There are various tool that tunnels data over well known protocols like ...


EAP-TLS is just an implementation of SSL/TLS. Which does not bind any particular client to a machine. EAP-TLS uses X.509 certificates to authenticate clients to a server. But certificates aren't tied to a specific machine. ClientA's certificate isn't bound to IP address, it's just what is presented to identify the client. L2TP/IPSec however does ...


Regarding periodic (1 second interval) ICMP from Ai Suite II, simply disable the "Network iControl" option to stop the pings. No need to completely remove this ASUS service.

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