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In light of your edit: An IPSec system supporting RFC3948 will do what you want, yes, assuming you do not need AH and that you're using either IKE or IKEv2. However, the whole system has been designed for NAT traversal so I'm not certain it exactly fits your requirement (you didn't specify WHY you need to limit yourself to UDP or why you want to use ...


GRE is a tunneling protocol at the network layer (OSI layer 3) and thus will transport everything above it, which includes TCP (layer 4) and HTTP (layer 7). And since WebSockets are just some kind of tunnel inside HTTP it will transport them too.


Going through a GRE or other VPN tunnel does in fact obfuscate your IP address on the internet, provided the tunnel is acting as your default gateway and no other gateways are specified in your routing table. When this is done, the normal means of gleaning one's IP address such as checking netstat/connection information, checking server logs, or querying ...

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