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Your setup is called air gap. 512 MB (even 2) is still a lot for a virus payload that only needs to steal a private key. I think what you want is to use QR codes for both parties. If you print the QR codes, be sure to use separate printers, just like with all peripheral devices (even a mouse chip could contain an exploit that got there through your online ...


In terms of using the USB stick long term I agree with @GdD's answer, if you are truly paranoid you can not trust this stick. But unless you are a high value target it is unlikely that you will have stumbled across BadUSB. In terms of reading securely I would: Download one of the minimal or security focused LiveCD linux distributions. Burn to CD/DVD (Not ...


In this answer, I've described how to only allow mass storage devices for a certain time. You should also use a sandbox. If you want, you can use a writeblocker, but to find the device's owner, that's not neccessary.


It is possible for USB drives to have firmware-embedded malware, see this BadUSB article which shows the research. There would be no way to get rid of firmware-embedded malware, formatting would have no effect on it at all. However, it's pretty new, and therefore very, very unlikely that you would run into it. It's probably something someone dropped by ...


As @guki117 pointed out in his answer, the iPhone is connecting as a camera. You should be able to exploit that with a basic digital camera with a removable memory card, put whatever files you want on the card, put it back in the camera and connect the camera with USB. The files should be right there.


It's most likely connecting as a Media Device or Camera. There's a seperate GPO for each type of removable media. Perhaps this particular policy only enforces against flash drives. This is quite common on androids.. I can switch my device to be a Camera and bypass our GPO for blocking removable devices.

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