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No usb device is save. Specially this, where software will not protect you from having your computer damaged.


The only safe thing to do with unknown USB devices is not plug it in, but if you must then plug it into an air gapped freshly installed computer and wipe it again afterwards.


This is an excellent question. While the obvious answer would be no, there are caveats. "Mechanical switch" is an ambiguous term. Let's assume for a moment that a mechanical switch is one that is actuated by a broad movement (as opposed to pressure). Let's take a look at a typical PSU switch: See those thick prongs? The electrical current that powers ...


Maybe If the only power to the external drive comes from the power cord, and it is physically isolated, then no. The malware wouldn't be able to switch it on. However, it is also possible that the drive is able to receive power from the USB connector and, while this is not guaranteed to power it (and thus an external power supply was needed), under the ...


Depends Okay so how those switches work depends on the installation of decision of the external drive manufacturer, so we need too look at a few cases: Switch controls the connection of power to the device entirely and uses air gaps Switch controls a circuit that is overseen by the mobo/firmware and is just a serial connection. Wake from USB is possible ...


No. The power switch is almost always a mechanical device which cuts off the incoming power from the logic board. When it is off the connection is physically broken - a complete airgap. Malware cannot subvert this. The only case that malware might be able to bypass a "power off" state is when the state is soft, e.g. standby. The device would have to leave ...

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