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As @guki117 pointed out in his answer, the iPhone is connecting as a camera. You should be able to exploit that with a basic digital camera with a removable memory card, put whatever files you want on the card, put it back in the camera and connect the camera with USB. The files should be right there.


It's most likely connecting as a Media Device or Camera. There's a seperate GPO for each type of removable media. Perhaps this particular policy only enforces against flash drives. This is quite common on androids.. I can switch my device to be a Camera and bypass our GPO for blocking removable devices.


On MacOS X, this task of sandboxing and analysing a suspicious external USB is basically a 2 step process. Mount this USB key readonly Please read this answer: How can I write-protect (make read-only) a USB drive in OS X? on Ask Different which is, from my experience the best answer. Run clamscan and chkrootkit If your USB storage is now mounted under ...


Respectfully, @Adnan is dead wrong in some key assumptions that it is relatively safe to open an unknown external drive. As I answered here, it is not safe to connect any infected drive without proper safeguards in place. In fact, the only way to be 99.99% (nothing is security is certain) sure it's malware free is to actually do a forensic examination on ...


So you've got yourself a hot agent and want to examine it? This is going to be fun! First, do not simply plug it in and look around. Even if you were to create a 'sandbox' finder, that would not protect you from potential malware. So how do you actually see the goods? Well you need to perform a forensic examination! Here's what you'll need: A Write ...

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