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For RHEL, you should be able to create a custom kernel with support for SATA/ATA and USB mass storage disabled. If the kernel won't recognize the devices, the user can't access them.


The value of a Live USB or Live CD for secure transactions comes from the fact that they create a non-persisting in memory system based on a read only ISO image. That prevents all malware attacks to the local file system from being effective beyond the single session of the attack. Upon reboot nothing from any previous session exists as it is all recreated ...


Popular commercial brands are not going to have the BadUSB exploit "installed" when it comes from the factory. You must understand how the badUSB exploit works. BadUSB is an exploit that can be executed against almost ANY USB drive. It's not something that can be exploited on some vendor drives and not other drives. For your drive to become compromised, ...

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