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Skype is a modified P2P network. You have no guarantee that your traffic is going to them, so a sniffer wouldn't work the way you'd expect. However, you can resolve the person's username to their ip address with a tool like this while they are online. So if you can get their username from the Skype number, or the email address associated with the number (to ...


I don't think apps like that can exist on the current smartphone app markets, first because there are no APIs to directly control the modem to make calls and send an audio stream, and second because setting up a data link over an audio connection is possible but extremely slow and unreliable, too slow to pass any kind of encrypted VoIP traffic on it. ...


The keys are generated without user input, keys should of course be random. The keys are simple strings of dictionary words, not very secure against anyone with the ability to access your unencrypted calls.

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