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Call the sendPostRequest(String username, String pass) method with parameters. You can call this method from the UI thread, the request will be sent from a different thread (AsyncTask is embedded).


Writing to /dev/null is as safe as the OS allows. You're using it for the exact purpose it was built for, redirecting output to nowhere. /dev/null is part of the UNIX philosophy where everything is a file, including devices. It's a special file recognized by the kernel, and the output is never written anywhere. Anyone with root level access could still ...


Is it possible to replace /dev/null with something else. Try it (as root): mv /dev/null /dev/null-real mkfifo /dev/null # Create a FIFO pipe to read/write data while read line; do echo "Incoming: $line"; done < /dev/null & echo secretdata > /dev/null You will see a message saying Incoming: secretdata in your terminal. This is because the "while ...


Hm. It really depends. There is many things to fix. Here are the most common hacker methods: 1. SQL Injection: Look up "How to prevent SQL Injection". SQL injection is a method hackers use to grab information from your site, like passwords. 2. Denial-of-service: Denial-of-service, or DOSing is a attack on a website by sending an overflow of packets. This ...


This is an extremely wide question. A short answer would be to start with the OWASP Web site and look at the introduction slides.


Put a challenge-response-system in the code - the server sends "12345", the client answers with "SHA256(12345+any-secret-key)". If the server knows the "secret key", it can check the hash. That would stop people just sniffing the network data, but the app might still get decompiled. If you want the app to send data, you need to make a "login" first - ...

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