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You could try using a proxy or vpn somewhere to tunnel your traffic through a secure pipe before 'going out to the web'. Many newer routers have vpn built in so you could set something up at home... that way the traffic between your device -> work wifi -> home would be encrypted, then from home -> web would be the only 'open' traffic.


If a site is not using SSL, then assume anyone, from you to the destination, can read your messages. If the site uses SSL, then you may or may not be safe. If your employer is using a content filtering proxy, such as BlueCoat or Websense, then they may use an SSL certificate to decrypt and read your messages. This is often done to ensure that confidential ...


Can an employer see what I'm doing on my iPhone whilst logged onto wifi Yes, but much of this depends on the apps themselves. I use apps like whatsapp and iMessages to communicate when I need to, can my employer see the content of those messages (actually read what I'm sending and receiving) or can they just see that I have been logged into whatsapp ...

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