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According to the 802.11i-2004 specification (link to download 802.11i-2004 pdf): A pass-phrase is a sequence of between 8 and 63 ASCII-encoded characters. The limit of 63 comes from the desire to distinguish between a pass-phrase and a PSK displayed as 64 hexadecimal characters.


There are 2 main factors here: the person configured your wifi the person was using your computer Both of these factors open up opportunities for spying. If the person set up wifi using the lowest possible security (WEP), it is possible that they (or others) would be able to monitor all your traffic. But if the person intended to do harm, they would ...


Keep these things in mind: How does it wirelessly connect to the internet ? WEP should be fine if you are only concerned about remote hackers, but still is considered generally insecure. Think about this: If the camera's wifi security is outdated (WPA and WPA2 have been around for a long time), what else will be insecure? What kind of authentication does ...

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