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As per Certificate authority Guideline, Wildcard SSL certificate is only supported for security of single level sub-domains with the same host name. Without any limit Wildcard SSL can secure unlimited single level sub-domains.


There are two distinct things here. One is about the number of hostnames that you can put in a certificate. The other is the notion of "wildcard names". In the Subject Alt Names extension, you can put "alternate names" of type dNSName. Each of them is an "acceptable server name" (i.e. clients will accept the certificate for a server that purportedly uses ...


A wildcard certificate matches a pattern, not a hostname or set of hostnames. It's issues to *.example.com, meaning any host of format [subdomain].example.com will match. It is notable perhaps, that it is limited to a single level so the *.example.com wildcard cert could be used for sub1.example.com and sub2.example.com, but not deeper.sub1.example.com. ...

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