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There are two main ways in which SSL/TLS and EAP may mix: EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS. Basically, EAP is a generic protocol for exchanging "messages", and the "authentication method" defines the message contents. In the case of the TLS-based EAP methods, the messages contain the various handshake messages from SSL/TLS. In EAP-TLS, the normal case is that the client ...


Though the OSI model is more often a source of confusion than enlightenment, it is here reasonably informative. The WiFi encryption occurs in layer 2 ("data link") because it strives to embody a security feature which is inherently related to the data link. Namely, WiFi was designed to be the over-the-air equivalent of wired Ethernet. In Ethernet networks, ...


The Wifi Positioning System tells where you are by seeing what wireless access points are visible, looking up their assumed locations in a database, and calculating the most likely position for the WPS antenna. In theory, WPS doesn't require an Internet connection to tell where you are. If the device comes pre-loaded with a database of AP locations, it can ...


I have come across a story in which the attackers not only infected the BIOS of the machine making it nearly impossible to remove but transmitted it over micrphone/speakers. Obviously this should be took with a grain of salt as it doesn't seem very practical but the story can be found here!


You should be ok with WPA2-PSK AES and a random strong password as that is the biggest downfall of WPA protocol. Ensure that WPS(wifi protected setup) is disabled as this is flawed and easy to crack. Additional security features can include MAC filtering and diabling SSID broadcasting but these also have shortcomings of course.


Yes as there has been no exchange of password between client and AP. So it is pretty much impossible.


You could always set up a honeypot in conjunction with not broadcasting your SSID (service set identifier). An attacker would not know the real AP exists, thus attack the honeypot which you can log to varying degrees based on how much knowledge you have. A simple google search will wield you with many tools. MAC address filtering is a good security feature ...

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