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I assume you are talking about the Mask Attack and not Brute-force Attack which is outdated and replaced by Mask Attack. I had to add --pwd-min=8 to the list of parameters to force it to start at 8 digits from the get-go. Source: http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1538.html


Do you have '-i' or increment enabled? This sounds like you do. Disable it if you don't want it to run through all shorter permutations.


In PSK mode, the Pairwise Master Key (PMK) is derived from the passphrase. Both the supplicant and the authenticator prove that they have knowledge of the pre-shared key to one another: [Supplication to authenticator Message B] contains a MIC value and thus proves that the supplicant knows the PMK [Authenticator to supplicant Message C] verifies to ...


Yes it is impossible to connect to the (trusted) access point unless both the client and access point have the same pre shared key (password). Regarding the Android Smart Unlock feature, it depends how it's implemented. If it unlocked when it sees the ESSID (the AP name such as "MyHomeWifi") or the BSSID (the MAC address) then both of those can be spoofed. ...


WiFi authentication doesn't simply send the password over the wire, but uses EAP and a series of cryptographic exchanges for both sides to authenticate one another without explicitly sending the password.


Let's start by thinking of what would it happen if we had 2 different networks with same SSID (say SSID_share), but evidently different BSSIDs (MAC addresses). What happens if there are 2 different networks with same SSIDs? Each router sends radio waves which are then decoded by your wifi software manager. It will probably understand that both networks are ...


In general, yes! It is more secure to have a longer password since the more characters the password has, complexity is added thus making it harder for hackers to guess it using some of the tools available.


The answers have explained most already. In practice, how long does it need to be? Probably longer than what the average person uses in practice, but less than some of the suggestions seen on the web. I set out to find out a reasonably secure size that is still easy enough to handle. Secure enough for me would be that an adversary with access to 10 top ...

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