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As for rainbow tables regarding the 16 lenght number default password on FritzBox , YES, if somebody had them already made, you could calculate for your FritzBox if it has a default password or no (all possibilities, 16 numbers). But as regarding to MAKE a rainbow-table for 16lenght numbers for FritzBox, it would take 63 years (same time as dictionary attack ...


Practically speaking, no. In order to break a WPA2-Personal network you need to capture a four way handshake. There are basically two methods to do this. In one case you simply eavesdrop while others connect, and when that connection is established the four way handshake occurs. The other option is to kick a client off of the network and again, capture the ...


If we assume that your procedure is correct then the only purpose of "No Handshake" situation is caused by hardware limitation, i.e.: When your wifi device is 802.11g will not capture the handshake packets which are sent between two 802.11n router and client. Everything will seem to be normal, you can see the frames and Beacons, also you are able to ...


in psk authentication and 802.1x authentication methods, five main keys are generated. master session key,group master key,paired master key,paired transient key and group temporal key.paired transient key and group temporal key are generated after four way handshake. when you switch from one access point to another,the four way handshake starts again.

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