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I just realized (with more research) that aircrack-ng needs a management frame containing the ESSID (it can be beacon/probe response/reassociation request) and two data frames containing the EAPOL messages. so i just captured a beacon frame from the AP and then used the wireshark's mergecap tool to merge the 2 .cap files (beacon.cap and eapol.cap) and that ...


4 thousand keys a second isn't unexpected when using a CPU. If you want any speed at all for this kind of work you're going to need to use a GPU to run the cracking software. source: ...


The security of the network is proportional to the behaviours/actions/endpoints that can be executed in that context. From that definition, a public WiFi with an indeterminate number of people means on the whole it is reasonably insecure. With that in mind, most admins will compartmentalise large networks into smaller ones to reduce risk of compromise.


Most of this can be easily found on line. For the rest, your own phrasing is not clear as to what you mean. WPA-Personal Also referred to as WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) mode, this is designed for home and small office networks and doesn't require an authentication server. Each wireless network device encrypts the network traffic using a 256 bit key. ...

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