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Short answer is, 4-way handshake password "cracking" works by checking MIC in the 4th frame. That is, it only checks that KCK part of the PTK is correct. 4-way handshake doesn't contain data that would allow checking of other parts of the PTK, but that's actually not needed, for two reasons: MIC verification is how AP checks the validity of PTK (and, ...


ARP poisoning is basically when you declare your MAC address is responsible for an IP address, I think usually the router. So you receive all the victims packets in a "man in the middle" type attack. I read that WPA2 encryption happens at a layer below that of packet routing. Google is your friend, there was already a post regarding this on here: Is WPA2 ...


If my aforementioned understanding is correct, that would mean WPA-Enterprise with PEAP is less secure than WPA-PSK because a man-in-the-middle attack is possible to intercept the passwords. This seems weird to me. Is there a flaw in my understanding? Yes, there was a flaw in my understanding. PEAP encapsulates the inner authentication method, ...


john --stdout --incremental:all | aircrack-ng -e ESSID -w - /home/user/input_wpa.cap Edit the john conf file to change from 8 to 10

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