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If they were initialized with the same seed and had been through the same number of iterations, it's probably possible. What you should be doing is registering the two different keys to the same account. Should you lose one, invalidate it.


A bit of background as to what Yubikey is first: Yubikey is a variation on a common type of device known as a One Time Password generator. Basically a mini-computer that generates an essentially unlimited stream of passwords, usually one per minute from a deterministic algorithm embedded in the device. The trick is that next password is predictable if you ...


This works similarly to any symmetric key one-time password (OTP) technology. Point 1 - This is not meant to replace your password but instead be a second factor of authentication. Without possession of the Yubikey you are unable to generate the code necessary to authenticate to a system. Point 2 - Well, it generates one time passwords so it is more ...

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