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From the YubiCo docs: "To protect against unauthorized update of a specific configuration, a protection access code can be added. Then, in order to update or remove this configuration, the corresponding access code must be used, otherwise the request is rejected."


I do very similar, and the way I see it there are two major potential points of failure and I don't really have a good solution for one of them. First major risk is that LastPass itself is hacked and it's data dumped. While data is encrypted locally, my password used to encrypt that data is not very strong. LastPass has recognized that entering in a strong ...


The UUID of your cellphone isn't a meaningful second factor as it can be spoofed. On the long passwords, it is reasonably secure to use long, sentence based passwords, but the amount of security provided drops DRASTICALLY if it has anything to do with what you are connecting to. It may still seem hard to guess, but establishing a relationship rather than ...

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