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The short answer to your question is: Leave Flash enabled on your mother's computer - but check the option for only running Flash content when the user (your mother) tells it to run. That way, when she's at a known page and she needs to run the plugin, all she has to do is right click and click "run this plugin". Firefox may even do this by default now. You ...


Flash has been a high-value target for exploit developers for years, particularly because of its near-ubiquitous installation base and the fact that (historically) it will generally run automatically whenever a page with Flash content is loaded. This makes it very easy for a large number of systems to be targeted and compromised with a single exploit. As it ...


Use Google Chrome - it has "PepperFlash" built in, and it's always up to date (as long as you reboot every day). She can use the sites you need, and you can uninstall the regular flash so that she doesn't get tricked into opening a website that will infect her computer. I did this a year ago with my parents, and haven't had any issues since.


Email is certainly the most common method of pushing malware to a network, but it is not the only one. Also, while malicious files can be delivered as attachments to emails, they can also be presented as links that end users click on, resulting in a drive-by download or perhaps a more traditional virus that the user then has to download and execute ...


The answer is to take responsibility for your own security. If you rely only on software vendors for your security your trust is arguably misplaced and you might be disappointed quite often. You are in control of your system as an individual and it is therefore your responsibility to take the necessary measures to protect what is important to you. Most ...


The most reliable way is to stop using the product or service that has the vulnerability until it is patched. Obviously this is often very inconvenient. You must make a risk assessment of your own situation to decide if it is worth it.

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