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I'm a busy web developer / graphic designer / graphic artist working primarily as a member of an in-house advertising / marketing team in rainy Olympia, Wa.

I received a Bachelor of the Arts from The Evergreen State College in '02 - with a focus in the studio arts, that is, painting, drawing and sculpture.

In the almost 10 years since I graduated, I've gotten deeply into web development and application design. I started in on Flash in 2003, and have been actively studying the fine art of programming since. I'm experienced mostly in AS3 and PHP CMS solutions, and have plenty of experience with html/ css/ javascript / js frameworks (as one would expect). Additionally I have done a bit of work with c# and am in the midst of learning java, with aims at Android development.

I find writing code to be a consistently challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. When a chunk of codes suddenly clicks into place and works... damn... you feel like a wizard. And when it serves the aims of a beautiful or artistically inspired project - the left and the right come together in a pretty sublime balance of form and function. Wonderful stuff!

My commercial projects as of late include plugin development for Wordpress, and I just started digging into a major project based on the Magento ecommerce platform at my day job. Additionally, I am currently working on personal projects at www.joshbosworth.com and www.bosworth99.com, and am aiming at a Master's Degree in Interaction Design from the Unverstiy of Washington in the fall of 2012.

I only recently joined stackoverflow, but have a long history over at www.actionscript.org.

Want to connect? - hit me up @ the facebooks.


Worst moment on stackoverflow: visited 99 days in a row and forgot on the 100th because of work insanity. Suck.