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I am dedicated to follwing TDD, clean code and the agile manifesto.

I develop backend systems in F# in my current role. I actively went looking for an opportunity to do so and am really happy I did.

Having said that, in my spare time I am currently bending my mind into functional shape even more by exploring clojure, erlang and haskell. I am having a great time doing so, as linux and the JVM are not unfamiliar to me and I'd like an opportunity to exercise these skills in the future. I am interested in distributed systems architecture and Big Data problems.

I have completed Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course via coursera. I am actively engaging on kaggle and am keen to add machine learning and performance improvement to my arsenal. I am particularly interested in utilizing F# as a data exploration tool, and am dedicating a lot of my learning budget in this.

When I'm not thinking about programming or statistics I love to spend time with my wife and two kids.