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comment Preventing dictionary attacks against hashed passwords
The login time for the site doesn't matter, but I also have to implement bcrypt in java and logins need to be instantaneous, which they can't be, if I'm using a high number of rounds.
comment SYN Flooding issue
The attack has never really surpassed 40-50 Mb/s.. the only problem I'm having as I said before is apache crumbling under the attack
comment SYN Flooding issue
A lot of SYN_RECV on port 80 when normally there are only 2-3. using 'dstat -n' shows receives of 10M to 70M data when the DDoS is happening. Also 'bwm-ng -u packets' shows 150-250k packets per second. What's annoying is that my server is completely responsive and is not suffering whatsoever from the incoming bandwidth it's just that port 80 which apache happens to be on is being overloaded. I don't think it could be a problem with my apache configuration?