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comment Segmenting Virtual Network Traffic
Thanks @asadz, I understand that ultimately VLANs can be used and configured, I guess I'm more interested if anyone has found virtual networks tools available from VMWare and Microsoft to be as secure as the use of VLANS - barring the biggest risk, misconfiguration/user error.
comment Further potential problems with Windows 8 SmartScreen
Ah i gotchya, my apologies, I just skimmed the article, but was using the question as baseline assumptions. I guess it really depends on how accurate that article is.
comment Can the `system` function pose severe security threats on a shared hosting server?
That's true, SELinux and priviliges do a good job of offering basic compartmentalization, but they're not fool proof. For an attacker, very simple exploits exist to allow for user privilege escalation, once you're at the command prompt. It would take skill, but it's by no means impossible. For people that manage their own servers and code, the risk of injection attacks can be properly mitigated. In this case though, since you're renting space, the provider has no way of knowing how secure your code is, and has simply decided to avoid the risk all together.