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My daily work is a closed source PHP project but I'm really interested in open source projects and I know PHP, C/C++ and Perl 5 pretty well. I can do some Java, Python, x86 assembler (intel syntax) and some other programming languages, too. I'm currently running Ubuntu (workstation, home computer, laptop) and Cyanogenmod (phone) as my OS of choice. GPG: 563168EB

comment What is certificate pinning?
I'd claim that Convergence (or Perspectives) are not protocol extensions but a side channel for verifying that the host is using the same certificate when viewed from different locations around the globe and that this situation has around for a while. The core difference to other measures is that the host cannot affect this verification, unlike other cert pinning methods.
comment How reliable is a password strength checker?
Evaluating password quality is very hard. Your recommended checker gave "Very Strong"/"97%" for the password "Dog ate homework!"... Perhaps doing a google search for the password would be a better metric? That "password" gives 6000 hits so it probably is not that great: lmgtfy.com/?q=%22Dog+ate+homework!%22
comment XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?
Example output of strings -n 10 /dev/urandom has stuff like t!AF|r)WlB, <^p!*P,gvv and -WAWkG;]%>(. Are you really claiming that you can remember any of those? The correct horse battery staple beer sounds like a winner to me and still has roughly the same entropy.
comment Do any security experts recommend bcrypt for password storage?
TL;DR: bcrypt is better than PBKDF2 because PBKDF2 can be better accelerated with GPUs. As such, PBKDF2 is easier to brute force offline with consumer hardware.
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