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comment Vulnerability of Chrome's “Login Data” file after being orphaned from the host system
Does anyone know how is the encryption performed when running Chrome under Ubuntu? Does Linux provide a similar data protection api?
comment Will double encryption increase the security of cipher vs bruteforce?
Thank you for explaining how the "meet-in-the-middle" approach works! I quickly read the Wikipedia article, but didn't understand it until I read your excellent explanation.
comment How I add cookie to w3af for authenticated attacks?
Please provide a link to the online test you are referring to.
comment How information in an access log could be used to identify the true identity of an impostor?
How do you believe that the unauthorized person accessed the system? Can you trace the userID that you suspected was used to an IP address that userID would not normally use?
comment If a bank says they do not have my login and password info, is that true?
@MKr Have you reported this to your country's equivalent of the US FBI? Another question you should post is can someone take control of your mobile telephone number to receive inbound voice calls and SMS text messages. In the old days of analogue cell phone, that answer was yes, but today with SIM cards I am not aware of how that can happen.
comment E-mail read receipt through XSS
They also get any and all cookies you have stored for the web site used in the URL and/or domain of the src URL.
comment If a bank says they do not have my login and password info, is that true?
Are you saying that whoever did this to you also took over control of your cell phone number in order to receive a phone call from your bank to your cell phone number to verbally confirm the change that was made to your bank account?
comment Is HTTPS secure enough for important information?
A normal proxy server will not be able to decrypt your traffic. They can only pass the data on unchanged. Again, the exception to this is a CDN reverse proxy which has been configured to have an SSL certificate for the web site you are visiting. This is done so that the CDN server that provide caching and other acceleration services.
comment How to secure data before returning Macbook Air?
Can you do that on a running system?
comment Can I encrypt the packets that are sent to my router?
The question was unclear to me. If the OP is only concerned with traffic to he router then SSH will secure that traffic.
comment Are tracking cookies illegal?
I'm not an attorney, but I'd be willing to bet that if you have a physical presence in a country you are subject to that country's laws and they can take action against you to enforce their laws.
comment Tampering req.getParameter() Vs req.getAttribute()
Are you trying to develop a customizable redirect page where you can record someone using the link prior to performing the redirect? If yes, I wonder if adding validation checks in your code to the URL being redirected to might remove the cross-site vulnerability?