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Darrell Teague is a 20+ year IT veteran that started writing assembler on the TRSDOS Model-1.

He is now president of Subayai Inc, a highly specialized IT consulting firm with a focus on logistics, e-commerce, payment and security. His customers tend to be banks and large corporations that need systems that work well for many years.

Darrell travels a lot, commuting between the US and EU for his customers and because he is a great fan of jet noise.

Darrell does not profess to know everything.

Indeed, he has reached such a point of enlightenment that he now truly understands the depths of his own ignorance. However, despite these short-comings, Darrell likes to help others for fun and profit where possible.

You can reach Darrell via the contact page on the Subayai web-site: http://www.subayai.com

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