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Senior Web Developer at BBC iPlayer. Creating cool stuff by day. creating cool but less stable stuff by night.

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comment How does wireshark detects online-messenger traffic?
What is the one thing that is exactly the same about every chat related website? Once you can answer that you'll have a way to detect it. Good luck with that though, it's like trying to identify if someone is thinking about bread by listening to their conversations with others all day. There are better ways to detect if people are thinking about bread.
comment Using a verified certificate to sign others
Yes it's only for personal use, but from multiple browsers so I can't really install, but I'd still be able to view the chain as intact right? The browser just wouldn't be happy with it?
comment Using a verified certificate to sign others
OK For bonus points. If I did this anyway and signed my own certs with it, it still wouldn't be susceptible to man in the middles right? because I'd still be able to see the full chain, and see my cert -> verified by my own cert -> verified by the CA? It's just the browser that would complain.