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I'm a unix sysadmin, working as a consultant at Init AB (www.init.se).

Previous jobs include sysadmin in charge of security related systems at a large bank, and mail servers at a largish ISP, including handling abuse and spam issues.

Email address: jenny@init.se

comment Where are the anonymous/private domain validation SSL certs?
I still don't think this question fits ServerFault. You might try it at Information Security instead; with the rewording I think it could fit there.
comment Is it bad practice to use your real name online?
Google closed my husband's Google+ account for not believing it was in his own name just a couple of weeks ago. They graciously offered to maybe reinstate it if he'd scan his own passport and send them the scan. So I'd say that they are still closing accounts for not sounding or looking right to their very blinkered eyes.
comment Finding spam sending scripts?
If the scripts are called from apache, then grepping those logs might be useful.