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comment Why am I sometimes spontaneously presented with an SSL certificate from my U-Verse Residential Gateway?
During normal operation, the cert path to Gmail, just as an example, is exactly what you'd expect it to be... like GeoTrust Global CA -> Google Internet Authority G2 -> mail.google.com. But then the AT&T Uverse router glitches and my browser gets presented with a new certificate.
comment Why does Windows Ship with Expired SSL Certificates?
Don't forget to turn off Automatic Root Certificates Update via Group Policy or Local Computer Policy, or else Windows will automatically re-download these certificates and put them back in your Trusted CAs store after you've deleted them.
comment Why does Windows Ship with Expired SSL Certificates?
I'm going to do something crazy and delete the certificates from the 20th century. I don't believe I'm using any arcane stone-age kernel drivers, so I bet I'll be OK...
comment How does this implementation of full disk encryption work?
Thank you for the information. I am sure that the Sophos client does communicate with a policy server over the network from time to time, however, I can still boot up the machine even if it is completely disconnected from the network. Therefore, the key must be stored locally... somewhere. I just don't know where or how. This is why I'm confused.
comment Are RADIUS and TACACS+ Ever Allowed in FIPS 140-2 Compliant Scenarios?
@mfinni That's partly what I'm asking. :)
comment Do I really need an Anti-Virus software if I'm careful about where I browse?
"If you don't protect your machine it may end up attacking mine." I like that statement. Interesting perspective. It makes me think of the shared social responsibility of vaccination.
comment What does having an internal two-tier PKI protect against?
Because if your single enterprise CA got compromised and/or had its private key stolen, then you want to revoke it. But a CA cannot revoke itself. Or rather, how is it going to revoke itself and then publish a new CRL using its now revoked cert?