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comment Open source alternatives to tamper data
So, you have reported attacks (from online sites I imagine), and logs of who was using what computer at what time. I think you can spend a LOT of time and effort trying to make a preventative control, or you can spend your time making a tool to quickly identify unique machines in the lab, given a time when an attack took place, and the IP that was hit. You should have the network logs to turn that into a computer, and then a username. And, again, I urge you to consult with legal advice, as trying to do more can be MUCH more trouble than its worth.
comment What are the biggest security concerns on PXE?
@Pat I'm not blaming PXE at all for this. I'm just saying that since this environment exists, that is a place I can inject myself. These sort of attacks are usually possible with other network-based provisioning systems, as long as I can adequately spoof enough of a corporate system to allow me to download the image.
comment What are the biggest security concerns on PXE?
1st off: If I can get physical access in the environment, I can plug something between the computer and the switch that can manipulate traffic. Therefore, that device would just need to capture and not re-propigate broadcasts. No race condition necessary.