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I'm doing Magento programming and "theming" and also some other php projects. I also do a lot of linux server admin and mysql db design and query writing.

I'm soooo ready to help.


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comment Can a neighbour who installed my router access it?
@GroundZero "it'll automaticly reappear the moment he connects again". Yes, that was my point. That would be a way for him to tell if the neighbor is connecting, if the router doesn't already tell him when the last connection was.
comment Can a neighbour who installed my router access it?
Also note that you might be able to tell if he is connecting to your wifi. You would log into your router as described in this answer and look for the place where it shows connected devices and their assigned internal IP addresses (192.168.x.x). You might see "neighbor's laptop" or something like that. It might show last connection time or not. But I think you can delete the device. If he connects again, it will reappear in the list. Otherwise it will stay gone.
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comment From a security standpoint should users be asked to confirm their password when registering?
What about having one of those password strength meters, and the higher the strength the more times they have to repeat it. i.e. if the password strength is up at 80%, they have to type it 8 times. You could even make it exponential. 1 repeat at 10%, 4 times at 20%, 8 at 30%, etc., 256 times at 80%, and 1024 at 100%. This will ensure users remember their passwords, and they will thank you for it later.