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Some fun things I did over the years:

  • A multiuser/multitasking DOS-compatible OS... which ran on PC-XTs!
  • A distributed inventory/orders system for a computer store chain. Online updates of MDB database content AND structure. In 1997.
  • Access control system for an ISP. Kinda Rube Goldberg-ish. Lots of scripts that manipulate iptables to turn users to the login page, dhcpd to give thep IPs, cbq to assign them bandwidth etc.
  • A security system for MS-DOS, implementing somewhat-Unix-style accounts and permissions.
  • Clustering Asterisk PBXs for call centers.
  • Autodialers with detection of human / answering machine / busy / bad number for (I'm going to Hell for this) active telemarketing. Please forgive me.
  • A driver to integrate Skype into Asterisk. Even more Rube Goldberg-ish than the ISP login thing.
  • Energy consumption billing through a proprietary board that "ticked" a bit in a parallel interface whenever X watts-hours had gone through path Y.
  • Linux system-restore CDs.
  • Satellite image acquiring through yet another proprietary expansion board, for Brazil's National Space Research Institute.
  • REST services with Django.
  • Remote system audits in C# using the OVAL language.
  • For the retrocomputing fans out there: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cachars
  • Lots more I sure forget about now.

Oh, and I just learned CUDA and Greenplum. They're neat. But I didn't get to use either in any project so far. :-/

Things I like for fun:
- Formula One and Indy racing. (You get brownie points if you guess what race my avatar is from.)
- Reading in general, mostly nonfiction.
- Retrocomputing and retrogaming.
- Traveling, preferably overseas.
- Sci-fi in general, and Star Trek in particular.

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