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Mostly a “hobby programmer” (for 20+ years), using lots of languages, including ASM, BAS, (V)C(++), PAS, and PHP.

Somewhat into hardware and electronics as well (though I prefer messing with software instead because it’s much cheaper to experiment with and fix). I’ve designed and built a couple of pieces of hardware (computer peripheral “toys”) and written drivers and software for them.

Very much into computer security, especially from programming and software perspectives. Regularly making my way through texts on secure programming and always researching the latest threats and ways to run security software and make configurations to really harden Windows.

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comment Is SSH secure and what are the recommended modes of operation?
What recent confirmation?
comment Chrome SSL Warning: “You cannot proceed because the website operator has requested heightened security for this domain. ”
Brilliant! I guess they just hid the proceed “button”. At least they didn’t completely remove it and force users to do things their way like the devs are wont to do.
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comment Is dual-booting an OS more or less secure than running a virtual machine?
A VM is generally more secure for numerous reasons, but don’t forget that there are plenty of routes in and out of a VM (NICs, shared folders, I/O devices, etc.), so to truly protect it, you would need to lock them all down. Also, while in theory, a piece of software in a VM is supposed to be oblivious to the outside world, they are not truly segregate (e.g., VMWares Tools, Red Pill/Blue Pill, etc.)
comment Download Windows 7 security updates and patch offline
@Scott, This only applies to SP1. Is there a more general solution that can apply to further updates as well?
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