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comment Is it possible to get malware through an incoming video/audio stream? (e.g. Omegle, Skype etc.)
As for Omegle I believe it uses flash to display its video stream so, if an attacker finds a vulnerability in the version of flash that your machine is running he/she can easily send over something to trigger and/or exploit that vulnerability. This sort of attack is known to happen from time to time just look here... Also note that this can happen with pretty much any site that plays audio/video streams. (That's why one shouldn't browse sketchy Chinese sites looking for "entertainment"... ;)
comment Levraging a shell from SQL injection
I'm fairly sure xp_cmdshell is an MSSQL thing whereas bash is commonly a Linux thing so that command requires a really messed up setup to actually work...
comment How can this be possible? (malware autoinstall on chrome)
Is it patched to SP1?
comment How can this be possible? (malware autoinstall on chrome)
What OS and version do you use? It might use some local exploit to get out of the sandbox.
comment How to create an anti-flood mechanism without leaving VPN's out?
Logging in isn't really "anonymus" from your point of view as someone logging in as xy user must know that user's password, and as such you can consider the person to be that user (which does not make it necessary for you to know WHO he/she is, but allows you to track said username's actions). The same goes for most of the stuff except the contact us feature, which looks like something that will get abused a lot (except if you make logging in a prerequisite for it, in which case the previous stuff about you having the user's session/login/cookie/whatever tracked still applies).
comment Storing passwords and other data for coworkers
How exactly are you encrypting your data? Like on filesystems? Or on access? Or both? Or what?
comment How is it possible that people observing an HTTPS connection being established wouldn't know how to decrypt it?
Nice suggestion there. :D
comment Live Linux which does not mount any hard drive in the computer
Also you can just unplug the harddisks while you boot up your live cd. Otherwise CAINE is your best bet.