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comment Demystifying Web Authentication (Stateless Session Cookies)
Ugh, looks terrible! I'm very sorry, but what's the problem with storing the authentication state server-side and just having a session ID client side? Using SSL, and a HTTPS-only session cookie - where or what's the issue? Any solution where anything from the client is trusted, feels bad.
comment From a security standpoint should users be asked to confirm their password when registering?
I personally think the UX trend towards a single field is wrong. In the sense that no user will care if you ask them to repeat their password. This is a one-time activity for most users, if they want an account, they'll play along. They're not going to throw a furious tantrum and leave, just because of that. The UX guys are saying these days resetting a password is a trivial matter. No matter how you look at it, resetting your password is a whole lot more pain than just repeating it the once when you create/change it.
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