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Keeping my profile low-key was interesting. Especially seeing how some of the "higher-ups" on this forum have interacted. So let's be an open book now and be a bit more descriptive...

Security is my life. I have lived it from the beginning of my professional career. My life has included significant time as an operator in Special Operations, a Law Enforcement Officer, and yes a Information Security Professional. These activities have spanned some 30 years, an my credentials are extensive but yes include some of the ridiculous ones like CISSP, etc.

My current work includes working with commercial and governmental entities at high and low levels. I advise and assist on matters of physical security, social engineering, and technical security. My current focus, aside from normal matters of information security, is around privacy and mobile security (separate issues.

For fun, you will find me doing many things from sky diving, competitive shooting, martial arts...

Much of what I write or share on here comes not from reading it, or theorizing about it, but from "bullets flying at me living it". So take it or leave it, up-vote me or down-vote me - honestly I could care less. Its your choice.

You can contact me at tektengu@teksecgrp.com.

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