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I have been at Webtrends for over a year where I am overseeing the automation efforts. Prior to Webtrends I was at Microsoft for 13 years. Early challenges have included updating a full-featured, yet complex and poorly maintained in-house automation framework, building a common automation logging and reporting platform, creating a tool for simple Deployment Validations, creating automated Performance tests for multiple products, building an object oriented wrapper/abstraction layer for web UI automation on top of selenium and a couple of minor quick-fix tools to increase the speed of manual testing. I have also been involved in a hiring effort to bring our team of one (me) up to a team of 5.

During my time at Microsoft my responsibilities evolved from test planning and manual testing on various projects to --> writing automation and overseeing manual testing efforts from vendors to --> Developing automation tools and processes for the Windows Live organization including a web UI automation framework and a test result reporting platform as well as other smaller tools.

comment Passwords Being Sent in Clear Text Due to Users' Mistake in Typing it in the Username Field
I have noticed a really annoying bug where in a web page I will switch to the password field and start typing before the page finishes loading, then when the page does finish (partway through me typing my password) it will rip the focus away from the password field and back to the default (usually the username field). I wish everyone would make sure their product/web site does not do this.