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I'd like to learn how to code in C++ and Assembly, but a lot of my experience is with web (PHP, MYSQL, CSS, JS/JQ). I have a web and email server hosted in my living room on a box using Gentoo, but I'm using Linux Mint 14 with MATE for my general use computers. I started using Linux 10-10-2010 with the beautiful Ubuntu 10.4

I currently have a job at a local place as a web developer doing custom PHP work with WordPress. My personal website is entirely hand-coded in PHP by myself (with the help of Stack Overflow that is) and is being hosted on my home web server, which was built and configured by me. I can't take all of the credit though; the folks in the Stack Exchange community have helped me a lot, and I can only hope to help the world as much as you've all helped me.

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