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My interests change sometimes from day to day other times it takes weeks.

I have programmed in C,C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, BASIC, TI-BASIC, and Z80. I have written markup in, HTML, and XML. I've also used CSS. For datastores I've worked with MSSQL, MySQL, and JSON. Thus far C is the language with my favorite syntax. My least favorites in order of most hate toward; Ruby, Java, Perl, C#, Python, JavaScript, and C++. I'm currently working in SQL(in MySQL), PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To help make JavaScript more bearable I'm using the jQuery library along with jQuery UI for some ui actions.

I prefer to write purely procedural code as much as possible. I see no reason to use abstractions like objects, and classes. I think that it makes the code much uglier and is not worth the extra cpu operations. I also hate using camelCase and prefer to only do variable_name or variable-name.

My priorities are Stability, Security, Performance then Readability in that order. I use a coding style similar to the linux kernel's handbook for coding style. I also do not use vim, nor emacs since I think both are equally archaic and useless.

I only use Debian Testing for my desktop OS, and my mobile currently is a Blackberry 8330. I will soon be getting an android device that is as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy SII or better.

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comment Is it better to hash n*x times in sha1 or n times in sha512 on the client side?
This was originally done as a way to increase time required incase of a mitm so that it's not just plain text. The time required would be minimal but is still something. I'd love to have a native implementation of it in all browsers, but that's not likely to happen. The 1s is the maximum, and if they're using ie8 that's saddening.The other reason was to make sure that they cannot run away with other passwords. Since I think everyone should be doing this "community service." As it helps us all.
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comment Is it better to hash n*x times in sha1 or n times in sha512 on the client side?
The password is never seen. I don't know what you're talking about. The users password that they are giving to me is never seen. In the event of a databreach, the password is never seen and on top of it the time taken to get it is increase. They are broken, and pretty broken at that. Md5 is insanely broken, and thus I refuse to use it for anything. Sha1 is on its way to a full break, and thus I didn't really trust it. I do trust SSL but since they can say "I don't support encryption" a user could in theory, end up using a clear connection.
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asked Is it better to hash n*x times in sha1 or n times in sha512 on the client side?