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My interests change sometimes from day to day other times it takes weeks.

I have programmed in C,C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, BASIC, TI-BASIC, and Z80. I have written markup in, HTML, and XML. I've also used CSS. For datastores I've worked with MSSQL, MySQL, and JSON. Thus far C is the language with my favorite syntax. My least favorites in order of most hate toward; Ruby, Java, Perl, C#, Python, JavaScript, and C++. I'm currently working in SQL(in MySQL), PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To help make JavaScript more bearable I'm using the jQuery library along with jQuery UI for some ui actions.

I prefer to write purely procedural code as much as possible. I see no reason to use abstractions like objects, and classes. I think that it makes the code much uglier and is not worth the extra cpu operations. I also hate using camelCase and prefer to only do variable_name or variable-name.

My priorities are Stability, Security, Performance then Readability in that order. I use a coding style similar to the linux kernel's handbook for coding style. I also do not use vim, nor emacs since I think both are equally archaic and useless.

I only use Debian Testing for my desktop OS, and my mobile currently is a Blackberry 8330. I will soon be getting an android device that is as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy SII or better.