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comment If “you can never trust the client”, then why do companies such as Valve rely solely on client-side verification?
This is a very good answer. Let's add to that another point: Not all cheats are wall-hack or ESP style cheats. There are also aim-bot style hacks, certain movement scripts etc. which are considered cheating in many games. And these cannot be detected server-side. Even if we opted to go all the way down that unrealistic "Render all on server, send view over wire." path, the client will still be able to employ these kind of hacks, and all the server will see will be the action commands output by the hack. That means even in that case, we'll need a cheat detection service running on the client.
comment Cellular phone cloning
The question was based on the assumption that phone numbers were matched to mobile devices. I was merely correcting that assumption and pointing towards the authentication point of view with that last link. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.