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Software Engineer.

Working in C# .Net, ASP.Net MVC, Kendo UI, jQuery etc...

Have working experience in SaaS

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comment UUID and Open_id in cookie 'good' enough?
I think that even though you consider the remember me cookie, you can still present the user with a captcha after considerable random intervals so that the user authentication is verified. Also, for every request you can ensure that the user's authentication is right and the roles and privileges for this user are still coming from the DB than from the cookies.
comment How is an ATM secure?
@Jeff. In my city, some offenders did place the equipment in the card slot that scanned for the card details and some how they were able to get hold of huge cash in the city center. Then after all the bank cards were blocked and the banks have issued new secure cards. This was done in collaboration with the ATM security personnel. People do hack the machines even now and then..