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Wise Words

My philosophy on SE points.

"Turning off UAC is akin to 'I have a problem with my lock' and an answer 'Just remove the whole door for everybody in the whole wide world. You will no longer have any problems with keys'" - Hennes

The wisest thing anyone ever said to me was from my first job as a technician. My IT Manager (now my good friend) said:

"A good IT professional doesn't have all the answers, but they are always able and willing to find them."

I am Moses.

IT Director, web designer and sysadmin. I work full time for a manufacturing company and part time running my own web design and IT repair company.

I primarily use Windows 7 & 10, Ubuntu and CentOS. The only things I would say I am completely awful at and unfamiliar with is telcom and most programming. I can script most things fairly well.


  • Associates Degree in Computer Science
  • A+, and Network+ Certified
  • 10 years experience in field service and network administration